Cultural & Historical Background of the NT Tour

 This tour focuses on the emergence of modern Israel, examining its existance in light of the scriptures and discussing the theological issues from a variety of perspectives. Topics studied will include: the history of Replacement Theology, Restoration Theology and the role of Evangelicals in the return of Jews to the land, the Israeli/Arab conflict, rise of radical Islam, theology after the Holocaust, Jewish theologies of the Land and the status of believers in Yeshua in present-day Israel.

 As well as visiting many important sites of historical, political and spiritual significance throughout Israel, the tour will also include meetings with Jewish and Arab believers from a variety of locations (See detailed itinerary for full program)

Gain Academic Credit!

Graduate and undergraduate academic credit is available for study tour participants.

It would be a pleasure to have you join us for an adventure that we guarantee will be a memorable experience.

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